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The most EASY and ADVANCED software for...
DESIGNING and PRODUCING timber houses and roofs!
Discover VisKon A+B (roofs+walls)
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Trusses and free constructions
FREE design
WITHOUT perimeter limitations
EASY and IMMEDIATE editor of wall layers
Double roof structure
Dove tails with one click
Editor of roofs, dormers, sky windows
and chimneys easy and immediate!
Management of main and secondary
timber constructions
tongue and groove planks
Roof tiles requirements computation
Heel/tooth joints
molding and other joints
and pergolas by three click
Tenons and Mortises
Automatic rafter tails
Supervised cutting
also on steel profiles
Automatic plans already dimensioned
to start immediately the production!
All timber lists and computations
for your offers and orders!
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VisKon is the German software for the timber carpentry directly developed by carpenters after became computer scientists!

  • Save Production Time and Costs
  • Simplify Work and Negotiations
  • Get New Deals


  • All executive drawings, the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and the automatic bill of quantities without effort!

CNC module supports Hundegger formats for Cambium system, files for K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, P8, P10, (BVX, BVN, BV) and for other machines (Krusimatic, Krüsimatic, Schmidler, Auer, Essetre, Weinmann, Integra, etc.) using BTL (and variants).

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Check below a short resume of VisKon A (roof module):

Suited for carpenters, executive designers/planners (architects, engineers, etc.), sawmills to design without limitations of roofs and wooden houses, trusses, pergolas and other structures, etc.

VisKon is an innovative parametric BIM for timber carpentry that allows to design directly in 3D getting immediately results. The Roofs and Dormers Wizard have big options choice for wooden items that the most nice and expensive architectural BIM/CADs don't manage (in effect we have created Allplan and ArCon plug-ins). VisKon manages whether main wooden construction (rafters, hip/valley rafters, base/inferior/middle/ridge purlins, collar ties/beams, etc.) or light wooden construction (battens/counter-battens and boards) and each piece can be automatically exploded in technical draws already dimensioned and starting quickly the productions. The same with for obtaining the wooden lists.

As well, VisKon allows to freely draw offering tools as posts, studs, pillars, beams, planks, canopies, boarding, cornices, soffits, etc. and create other type of timber constructions.

This is the roofs wizard for the easy creation of roofs. With six easy steps it's possible to select the roof shapes, the type and other property details:

During the roof creation or later you can change the roof profile just by a click on the button . On the properties you can adjust slopes, slope heights from the floor, dimensions for primary timber beams: rafters, inferior purlins, middle purlins, ridge purlins, hip/valley purlins. The roof editor also manages the secondary wooden structure (planks and battens) in parametrically way.

FREE drawing of walls without any shape limitation:

Wall layers configurator . Wall layers are parametric and includes following types: Panel, Frame, Canopy boarding, Universal (Massive layer), Log plank, Battens and Massive wood.

By a click on the button , wall heights will be adjusted under the roofs. Click the button for generating the wall timber:

FREE surfaces:

FREE drawing of roofs without any shape limitation:

Automatic rafter head joint (on the ridge point) as the half lap/halved/scarf joints or the perpendicular joints:

Height Above Plate (HAP) control with automatic rafter birdsmouths or purling trimming (executed by rafters):

Easy roofs with double structure (exposed roof)

1st, select the rafters properties:

2nd, as shown in following pictures just input the rafters on the slope in the upper and lower slope level as shown in the second pictures:

FREE rafters input between two points:

Rafters copy front to front or side by side:

Double tails (head) of rafters and sprockets:

Automatic collar beams/ties and ridge straps:

Editing of the roof geometry (eaves):

Merging roofs by a click with the tool :

Automatic calculation for roof tiles need:

Advanced dormers with advanced wood construction:

Automatic wood construction adjustment for roof windows (sky windows) and chimneys hosting:

Automatic Hip and Valley rafters (or boards/planks) by a click :

Serial beams/joists input: controlling distances, dimensions, etc:

Free drawing: following pergola has been created by the tool free beam/post/stud. With this group of tools, it's possible to create many kinds of structures.

In this example it is shown how to draw the last knee braces/brackets of the pergola on the stud/post:

For cutting the rectangular knee brace and to become trapezoidal it has been used the tool Controlled cut (cling/recess) described below.

With the new tool for Timber framing, it's very easy and fast to make a timber framing structure or pergola. You just need 3 clicks! You can parametrically control Studs/Posts, Knee braces/brackets, Noggings/Plates and Wall bracing:

Tenon and Mortise just by a click to 1st and 2nd element to join:

Tenon detail (from upper example):

Dove tails joints or :

Controlled cut (cling/recess) : just select the beam to join and the side plane as cut reference that will become GREEN (see following picture):

Chamfer . Just a click to an existing reference (help line or surface) and the program cut the beam. In following example, originally the beam was squared and after some cut with this tool, it became hexagonal. The feature "As another longitudinal cut" make sum of one cut to the other existing cuts (in the picture last cut is the help line):

Different type of half lap/halved/scarf joints: , and (...or single recess with and ). Just click first beam, then the second and select the options as drills and voilà result:

Plain scarf joint :

and hooked scarf joint .

Birdsmouths are AUTOMATED but you can also have FREE birdsmouths by a click on the buttons and :

Brake/Disconnect tool for the loads distribution.

Automatic setting boards with groove :

Heel joints (typically used for trusses) and beams molding (profiling) .

Drill tools :

and slot tool . The example shows a recess but with the feature unlimited you can easily get a complete recess as a hole.

The program creates AUTOMATIC marking, but if you need to make FREE marking you can use the this :

and free notches/grooves simply selecting on the dialog box the side where to apply this work.

Rabbet tool on the selected side that you checked on the dialog box:

and chamfer/smooth tool simply selecting with a check box the side where to apply them.

Steel profiles (I, U, L, T, Z... beams) and steel connectors/plates and :

For serial works it's available the multi copy tool. You can type how many copies to do and the distance (check following Italian truss copy):

Numerically item moving and rafter heights moving .

Just a click and you get the elevation of the profile drawing with automatic dimensions:

Just a click and you get the components draw with automatic dimensions and you are ready for cutting!

3D views with automatic dimensions and CNC number useful for the assemblers:

Button automatically creates any cross section on horizontal or vertical planes.

All timber lists and other computations output by a click for Excel or PDF:

Windows and Doors:

automatic height walls adjustment under the roof .


We will call you we'll be virtually side by side and (via internet) finally you'll see our screen with the software!

Check it out, contact us for an on-line demo!

Click the small house picture to discover the add-on module VisKon B (wall module):

This is a simple video example that shows how VisKon A+B+C (roofs + walls + cnc module) works: