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VisKon is the German software for the timber carpentry directly developed by carpenters after became computer scientists!

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Check below a short resume of VisKon Treppe (staircases module):

Suited for carpenters, executive designers/planners (architects, engineers, etc.), sawmills to design wooden staircases.

VisKon Treppe (staircases module) is an EASY parametric BIM that allows to design and produce simply Timber Staircases. Start the Wizard, select the staircase type, set dimensions, create joints with one click and print technical drawings (automatically dimensioned).

Run Staircases Assistant (Wizard) and with one click select the desired staircase type (straight staircase, L or U winder staircase, L or U staircase with landing/s and others types):

Set dimensions both on floorplan and elevation views:

By a simple click you place in 3D your staircase before configurated:

With the carpentry version only, from the Edit menu, click Mortising staircase command and the VisKon will create tenons and mortises with treads e rises on the stringers:

Again, with the carpentry version only, click the button and VisKon will create automatic technical drawing of the selected element as following stringer and you will be ready for cutting!

Free drawing. On following example, some guide lines have been input relatively on knew points. It's displayed that is going to draw a hand Newel Post with the tool Free beam between two points that on the picture has been Blue coloured:

Beams serial input contribute to fast create Balusters for an additional staircase railing. This tool allows to click the Start and the End point of a distance (see following two blue points shown on the picture) within to input more balusters (beams) defining the interaxle or the items numbers. With the function "Approximate axis distance" distribution will be automatic:

With Controlled cut button, is possible execute exact cuts of items in according of existing references. Following example shows a simple Newel post that has been adapted on the clicked surface under the (green) stringer then it will be reduced (or extended) and perfectly clipped to the fit the surface. With this tool is also possible "to add" more cuts and therefore to get complex results. Moreover, dialog box, allows to further extend or reduce numerically cuts.

Carpentry version only offers button that allows to create a single recess as it has been done on the Newel post for joining first staircase step:

With button is possible to break in two pieces a beam, a wall or other items. For example, here it's displayed railing balusters that will be split according with horizontal item size . Procedure is very easy, simply select beams that you want to break and the cut reference (in this example upper surface of the horizontal item that VisKon will show as green), then check the option Omit component:

Carpentry version only offers free marking button, for marking the steps mortises axis on the stringers. These references will be shown on technical drawings and they are fundamental for cutting.

Free notches/groove simply selecting on the dialog the side where to apply this work.

Rabbet tool on the selected side that you checked on the dialog box:

Chamfer/Smooth tool simply selecting with a check box the side where to apply them.

With the button is possible to create free landing/slabs, to cut them and to edit the outline of steps, stringers or other items adding/removing vertex, moving sides/or side part or tilting the solid thickness.

For serial works it's available the multi copy tool. You can type how many copies to do and the distance (check following balustrade copy):

Button move/rotate allows to numerically place selected components in according of exact references.

VisKon, beyond floorplans and elevation views, it offers the button with whom is possible to automatically create free perspective views that are especially useful to simplify assembling job:

Button automatically creates any cross section on horizontal or vertical planes.

Walls and Slabs/Landings can be drawn with specific tools,

while Windows and Doors has other specific buttons.


We will call you we'll be virtually side by side and (via internet) finally you'll see our screen with the software!

Download Scalinata FREE version, and you will start to draw your 3D staircase!

VisKon Treppe (Staircases module) is the advanced version with whom you can obtain all details, to export to AutoCAD, to print technical drawings (floorplan, cross-sections and elevation views) and to start the production!

Click the small house picture to discover the add-on module VisKon A (roofs module) and VisKon B (walls module):